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I Remember Miami

During this time of social distancing in our homes, the vibrancy of Miami can feel like a distant memory. Join us in celebrating the place we love by helping to create a work of art.

MOAD in collaboration with the Miami Book Fair, invites everyone to take part in the great Spanish artist Dora García’s new public artwork I Remember Miami, a participatory work that invites the public to come together in a virtual collective space of memory and connection to celebrate the experience of living in our city. Produced by the people of Miami themselves, this work records intimate memories of a vital place temporarily stilled. Read more about this exhibition.

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Located in Miami’s National Historic Landmark Freedom Tower, the Museum of Art and Design at MDC offers groundbreaking exhibitions and programs that aim to foster a reimagined Miami. Exploring the challenges and opportunities we face locally and globally, MOAD at MDC convenes artists, designers, and thinkers to address the urgent questions of our time. As the flagship museum of Miami Dade College, MOAD strives to be a catalyst for action and a place that empowers people to remake their city. MOAD follows the College’s lead in operating across Miami with its Museum Without Boundaries initiative, which takes place in city neighborhoods and invites everyone to be a part of the conversation.

Opening February 20, MOAD presents Forensic Architecture: True to Scale, the first major U.S. survey of Forensic Architecture’s extraordinary work uncovering evidence of state and corporate violence. Forensic Architecture: True to Scale displays the evidence and explains the methodologies behind over a dozen Forensic Architecture investigations. While providing an overview of how advanced techniques such as photogrammetry, audio analysis, augmented reality, 3D modeling, machine learning, and crowd sourcing support their findings, the exhibition considers the complex relationship between a material fact and its representation in the public realm.

Amidst what Founding Director Eyal Weizman refers to as the “dark epistemology” of a post-truth media environment, this collection of meticulously researched, carefully analyzed, and conscientiously presented evidence demonstrates that it is both possible and imperative to verify what is really happening in the world around us.

Learn more about this exhibition.

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