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TO WRITE MIAMI : A Reading With Patricia Engel.

TO WRITE MIAMI : A Reading With Patricia Engel.

Beloved Miami author Patricia Engel explores how stories emerge from the raw sights and sounds of the city she loves.

Writers who choose a city as their muse give voice to both a place and a people. Part scribe, part dreamer, they issue facts along with fantasies, leaving behind a history of the intangible realities of urban life—of a people's heartbreak and of their joy, of their loss and of their growth. To Write Miami is a series of eight readings that explore the city’s fascinating relationship with literature. The series demonstrates how writers pay homage to Miami and how, in turn, Miami feeds their creativity. Each reading will include performative elements, along with reflections on how the writing process often begins before words are even placed on the page.

 PATRICIA ENGEL is the author of The Veins of the Ocean, which won the 2017 Dayton Literary Peace Prize, and It’s Not LoveIt’s Just Paris, which won the International Latino Book Award. Her criticism has appeared in The New York Times. Born to Colombian parents, she is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Miami.