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Superflex Interview, 2018. Produced by MOAD MDC

SUPERFLEX We Are All in the Same Boat

November 15, 2018-April 21, 2019

Art has always responded to issues in the real world, and the critically acclaimed Danish collective SUPERFLEX has long been at the forefront of artists who grapple with many pressing subjects, including the economy, financial crisis, corruption, migration, and the possible consequences of global warming. SUPERFLEX was founded by Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, Jakob Fenger, and Rasmus Nielsen in 1993, and since then the three artists have gained international recognition for their playfully subversive, DIY (do-it- yourself) approach to addressing critical social issues.

Increasingly during the last two decades, responses to climate change echo within the art world in a more activist way. The title of this exhibition, We Are All in the Same Boat, envisions passengers together on a ship at sea, and a set of shared risks that may put them in danger. Our own collective danger in the face of rising sea levels and other consequences of global warming implies a shared responsibility and a need to work together so that we do not capsize.