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Frank Stella, Los Alamitos,  1972

Frank Stella, Los Alamitos, 1972

MDC Permanent Art Collection

The MDC Permanent Collection contains over 1,900 works in all mediums and genres, including painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography, video, film, installation and public sculpture. The collection was established in the 1960s at the individual campuses, with the first formal institution of a "collection" at MDC North Campus. The following years, Kendall Campus (Gallery South) and Wolfson Campus (Centre Gallery) began actively acquiring works for exhibition and loan. In 2005, under the consolidation of campus galleries and institution of the former Art Gallery System, the various individual collections were massed into the MDC Permanent Collection. In 2011, MDC Collection Registrar formally and institutionally established the initial stages of a comprehensive registration of the collection and College holdings. The MDC’s Museum of Art and Design is in preparation to complete the registration and proceed with necessary steps to achieve accreditation with the American Alliance of Museums as well as secure and preserve the College Collection. MDC's Permanent Collection is known for works by emerging artists, under recognized artists, as well as major figures in the modern, postmodern, and contemporary art. Among the greatest strengths in the collection are pieces within movements of Minimalism, Pop Art of the 60s & 70s, Conceptual Art and Contemporary Latin American Artists. MDC has presented numerous exhibitions from its collection since 2009. Miami Dade College and the Museum of Art and Design actively collects works of art and builds the collection through acquisitions and gifts.