MDC Museum of Art + Design

 Lakeside Day #5,
Robert Huff.Gift of Barbara Young

Lakeside Day #5, Robert Huff.Gift of Barbara Young

The MDC Permanent Art Collection accepts donations of art, but has a strict policies and procedures governing these matters. Works up for donation must be in the best interest of the College's collection mission to be considered.

The MDC Permanent Art Collection and College Campus Art Collections are comprised of over 1600 artworks spanning all media. The Collections have been assembled since the opening of the College in 1960, through the generosity of donors including patrons and artists. Many donors choose to make a gift of art to enhance the Collections and support our mission as an exhibiting and teaching institution.

All gifts considerations will be vetted by the Miami Dade College Acquisitions & Collection Advisory Committee, which convenes 3x yearly to review proposals. Each prospective donation is carefully reviewed by the Committee, following a list of criteria including: relevance to the collection, provenance, title, intrinsic value, condition, storage and preservation needs as well as additional criteria. The Museum Board of Advisors ultimately decides upon the acceptance of gifts.

Supporters of the Museum, David & Marianne Russell viewing the  Sebastian Muñoz opening 2015

Supporters of the Museum, David & Marianne Russell viewing the Sebastian Muñoz opening 2015

Interested In Donating?

If so, please follow these steps:

Send your name, home address, telephone number, and e-mail address along with all information pertaining to the object including, artist name, object description, date of manufacture and dimensions. Please include images of the object as well as documentation verifying authenticity and proof of ownership.

  1. Museum Collection staff will review the submitted materials. If interested, you will be contacted by the Curatorial Department and an appointment will be scheduled to view the artwork.
  2. Should the object be approved as meeting the collecting standards of the Museum, the proposed acquisition will be presented to the Acquisitions and Collection Advisory Committee for additional review. Once the Director receives the Committee's recommendation and has received a final decision from the Board of Advisors, you will be notified of the decision.
  3. Should your donation be approved for acquisition, the Registrar will provide you with a Deed of Gift form to be filled out and delivery will be arranged thereafter.
  4. In keeping with IRS regulations, the Museum's staff may not provide appraisals. Any valuations recorded on incoming receipts or in Museum files shall be used for the Museum's informational and internal insurance purposes only. Donors shall be responsible for obtaining independent appraisals for determining the appraised fair market value of the artwork and the amount claimed as a deduction and for other tax purposes.

MDC Foundation

All donations benefit the MDC Museum of Art and Design Exhibition and Program Fund and are processed by the Miami Dade College Foundation. The Miami Dade College (MDC) Foundation, Inc. plays an essential role in the growth of the College and its service to the community. The Foundation promotes interest in and support of the College. The Foundation is vital to the College's leadership in high-quality, accessible and affordable educational services for the community. Miami Dade College Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. Gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.